Reddy Foundation commits to an initial 3 year sponsorship to the Motutapu Restoration Trust

13 June 2018

The Motutapu project started in 1993 in consultation with Ngai Tai ki Tamaki Trust and other interested groups. Together with Rangitoto, Motutapu represented an unrivalled opportunity for ecological restoration close to a metropolitan centre which could contribute significantly to threatened species’ survival in New Zealand. “Breathing new life into an ancient landform”Our vision is to restore the natural and cultural landscapes of Motutapu. The natural landscape similar to that which existed on Motutapu before the Rangitoto eruption around 600 years ago. The cultural landscape shaped by Maori, early settlers, farming and the military. Motutapu mirrors much of New Zealand’s history, from its geological origins to human settlement (Maori and European) of the Island. Motutapu’s natural landscape includes geology, which is Jurassic in origin. It has an ecological history, which has evolved since the Rangitoto eruption some 600 years ago. Its natural landscape reflects the impact of both Maori and early European occupation. It is the home of more than 300 significant Maori archaeological sites and is rich in Maori culture and heritage, as well as early European farming settlement overlapping with more recent military occupational history. In addition, a working pastoral farm, practicing sustainable farming techniques, operates alongside DOC and MRT.