Friends of Fiji Health express their appreciation to the Reddy Foundation.

18th June 2018
Rohit Reddy & Kamini Reddy
Reddy Group

Dear Rohit & Kamini
It is with special pleasure that we express sincere appreciation on behalf of the Trustees of Friends of Fiji
Health (FOFH) to the Reddy Family for such a large donation to our organisation. Your generous
donation as a Platinum Sponsor will have a significant impact on the work we undertake to address the
health needs of the most vulnerable in Fiji through our Medical, Surgical and Gynaecological missions
every year. In addition to the generous sponsorship, the trustees wish to acknowledge and thank you
again for your generous support in the previous years as well.
As you are aware FOFH has been taking medical missions to Fiji for over eight years now. We have
been privileged to work with a number of the hospitals in Fiji and with their Medical College and Clinics.
Our doctors and specialists have treated thousands of patients, many with conditions that would
ordinarily not have received the treatment they required. We have also transferred a substantial amount
of specialised equipment to Fiji’s health system with the generous support of a number of our New
Zealand partners.
In addition to providing surgical and medical services to the most vulnerable in Fiji we have made it a
hallmark of our operations to leave an additional footprint by offering hands-on teaching and training
opportunities to medical specialists in Fiji. We have done this in partnership with the Fiji National
University which now incorporates College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. This approach will
contribute to the long-term development of Fiji’s Health System and less reliance on charitable
contributions like ours.
Please be assured that your contribution will be put to good use. You should also be comforted that
every dollar we raise goes directly to conducting our missions. Our work depends entirely on voluntary
effort and we incur no salaries or wages and run on zero administration cost; that is a contribution our
trustees and volunteers make.
Once again, we sincerely thank you for your support and look forward to catching up with you and your
family at our next event in May 2019, if not sooner.

Yours sincerely
Rajesh Chaudhary