Reddy Foundation

The Reddy Foundation Charitable Trust is governed by its Trust Board and is incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 – CC52631.

Reddy Group background

Reddy Group is a family business founded in Fiji in 1947. Since then it has expanded across the wider Pacific and New Zealand, with a diverse international portfolio of businesses and investments which employ more than 1000 people. This includes hotels in Samoa , New Zealand , Fiji and Tonga.

People are at the heart of all Reddy Group businesses – they strive to be caring employers who treat people with respect and share common values of integrity, excellence, quality, responsibility and unity.

A history of charitable work

It has always been important for the Reddy Group to give back to the communities in which they operate, a philosophy established by Reddy Group’s founder, YP Reddy, who is a long standing and significant philanthropist in Fiji.

Over the years Reddy Group businesses, family members and employees have made charitable donations to various causes. Reddy Foundation is the natural progression to continue this history of charitable work.