A Letter of Appreciation from Friends of Fiji Health

Dear Mr Rohit Reddy and Ms Kamini Reddy,

I write to you as the Chairman of Friends of Fiji Health NZ Inc. (FOFH). It is my special pleasure to acknowledge the significant financial contribution you have made to the work of FOFH in Fiji. The multi-year commitment has given us the confidence to plan our missions with certainty and this has given continuity to the programmes we have undertaken in Fiji. You have been one of our more significant donors over the past three years and the leadership and generosity you have demonstrated through this kind gesture provides encouragement to others to participate. It also reflects the value and belief you place on our work for the most vulnerable in Fiji.

In the time you have supported us we have made significant progress with our objective of making a difference in Fiji. We are now into our 10th year and every year we have increased the reach of our missions. In addition to providing complex surgical procedures to patients who would otherwise not receive the sometimes life preserving treatments they require; we have extended medical services to many patients and families that have enhanced their quality of life and happiness in the community.

A significant development of FOFH missions in recent years has been the inclusion of a training component that is equipping Fiji doctors with state-of-the-art techniques. When coupled with our ability to provide, at no cost, modern medical equipment to Fiji Hospitals our impact has increased exponentially. As an example, our focus on Labasa Hospital in 2017 and 2018 now means that they can provide surgical procedures there which is equivalent to what is provided by some of the regional hospitals in New Zealand.

None of this impact would be possible without the generous contributions we received from people and organisations like yours. We assure you that your financial contribution has been put to good use and we are told that we have made a significant difference; one only has to look at the many stories that people tell in this regard.

2019 promises to be a significant year for FOFH as we intend to undertake a fresh scoping mission over the next few months to determine where our input would be most effective in the future. This will entail a meeting with the minister of Health and other government and hospital officials.

Once again, many thanks for your contribution and generosity.
With warm regards and best wishes for 2019.

Rajesh Chaudhary
Friends of Fiji Health (NZ) Inc.